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40 days ago I tripped over a curb and broke my foot. Whoddathunk it would be a learning experience. Here are a few things I discovered along the way…

  1. Apparently it is both incredibly hard and at the same time incredibly easy to break your foot. I have been playing sports my whole life – dancing, tennis, gymnastics, and most recently I took up horse back riding. Somehow with all that activity I never managed to hurt myself. Not even once. Yet somehow I managed to break my foot by tripping over an 8 inch curb?
  2. I feel like a bit of a wuss. I’m not one to create drama where it doesn’t exist and usually I do a good job of finding an alternate solution. Having to suck it up and tell my employer that I couldn’t drive to work was pretty hard for me. I also had to cancel plans to go to a friend’s out of town wedding.
  3. Working from home (as a single person e.g. no distractions) is a breeze. I am doing just as well at staying focused as I would at the office. I am loving the commute (bed to kitchen table) and I’m communicating just as much with the people I normally communicate with at the office. Admittedly it’s a little weird losing all contact with people at the office I don’t have regular interaction with.
  4. Muscles atrophy really fast when you’re not using them. I noticed around week 3 that my right calf had shrunk quite a bit. I thought it was funny looking so I sent a picture to my mom. That turned out to be a mistake because she actually found it concerning, not funny. Oops, sorry Mom! Hopefully I’ll be able to gain that muscle back just as quickly.
  5. Crutches are a pain. Literally. My arm pits hurt after about a day plus they are exhausting! I nearly laughed when my doctor recommended I get a knee scooter – I was picturing myself as an old lady on a Rascal scooter and thought it might hurt my ego. But after 24 hours of attempting to use those crutches my online order for a knee scooter had been placed. It’s the best thing ever and is actually pretty fun.
  6. It took much longer for me to go stir crazy than expected. I have a relatively active life between playing tennis a few times a week, horse back riding lessons, and hanging out with friends. All of that has stopped and life has become a lot of sitting around on the couch with my boyfriend doing crosswords and watching TV. It’s finally catching up to me – especially on a day when I need to burn off some steam.
  7. Sometimes you just have to let go of all control and be patient. As a woman who values independence it’s been very humbling to rely on other people and flex my “asking for help” muscle.

Now I just have to make it through 18 more days to my next appointment where I’m hoping the doctor will tell my I’m done! But who’s counting…