Favorite Recipes

If you’re like me you love surfing the internet and finding new recipes to try out – heck, maybe that’s what brought you here. But every now and then I’ll find a recipe that I can’t get enough of and it becomes part of my regular rotation. Here are a few of those yummy dishes:

Black Bean Burgers These work great with a flax egg. Last time I made these I added 4 tsp. of pickled diced jalapenos for some extra kick.

“No Tuna” Chickpea Salad Great alone or in a sandwich.

Red Beans and Rice

Traditional Greek Salad I leave out the feta and sometimes add marinated artichoke hearts. This is great by itself or served over pasta or in a pita pocket with some hummus.

Greek Potatos The first time I made this I forgot the lemon juice/peel so I have never bothered to add it.

Quinoa Taco “Meat” I especially love this in Amber’s Famous Burritos!